This poem of Baba Bulle Show advocates more his views and ideas on god. He states that offering namaz,reciting Kalma,performing Hajj,wandering in Jungles,fasting to death,etc. are not the means to find God,these are intended only to show off your deeds to the world in order to get worldly pleasures and praises. True way to find him ,to serve him is to place HIM in our hearts and remember HIM in every single thing you do. He further points out that those who follow above mention steps are just misleading others since they themselves do not understand what God is,he who has a pious heart without any greed,selfishness,etc. is a true teacher and a right person to guide you to the path of GOD.

Below is a link to the poem in its original text( in Devnagri script) along with its hindi and english translation.

Ek Nukhte Wich Gal Mukdi Ae


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