Spirit Of Christmas

Years after years,festivals go and come,
cheerful for some,futile,none for some.
Thousands,millions on these events we spent,
burst and poured money but never repent.
When indulged in such celebrations,
One thing forgotten in each nation.
That there are corners which remains dark,
saddened,lonely,ignored,missing joy and spark.
Assemblages without any pomp and show,
Where only sorrows and pain does grow.
Where eating for fun is strictly prohibited,
Struggle for meal is what daily needed.
Why not do something on this time of year,
along with your friends and all near & dear.
Give love to those who are less blessed,
bring smile to those who remain stressed.
Even that’s the message of every religion,
HE is achieved in service of his creation.
On this season of giving and forgiving,
Give Christmas its true meaning.
Clear someone’s life’s difficulties and mess,
is what really the spirit of Christmas.

Note : to have a better understanding of that poem CLICK HERE

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