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From desires arise dreams,
For her she wanted screams,
 For Money,power and car,
She was ready to go any far.

When still in her teen,
Prepared for that big screen,
With beauty,talent and luck,
She soon earned big buck.

Foe,followers,friends and fan,
Light,camera,action and vanity van,
Had attention she always demanded,
Everything presented as soon she commanded.

Enjoyed the life to full extend,
Towards the past she never bend,
Her family,those friends,that town,
No one she cared to share that crown,

After that seducing,praiseworthy prime,
Now gone was her good old time,
And then there were none,
She was lonely,alone and one.

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13 thoughts on “Heroine

  1. today , acting is more about the stardom than about talent ; more about fame than about satisfaction . . who would find it enticing when pulled down to the ground from the heaven where they have been grazing ! fitting depiction of the life story of a heroine . . 🙂

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