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Dark Cloudy Night

It was a dark cloudy night,
When the moon was out of sight,

Towards home I was walking alone,
On an empty road between green zone,

Suddenly in that cold breeze,
hearing sound of anklets,I seize,

A woman in black saree ahead of me,
with long plaits like a snake,moving slowly,

She glanced at me with a smile,
I followed her to have her profile,

When we reached a deserted place,
she called me and ended the chase,

Pulled me close and looked in to my eyes,
I was in heaven for being her choice,

Moved finger with long nails on my face,
It’s not love,I realize,but a different case,

Her curved back feet created such doubt,
I ran in a moment, unable to shout,

Really, truth is stranger than fiction,
This incident was enough for my perspiration,

With whom I started dreaming my whole life,

Was thirsty for blood,having teeth as sharp as knife. 

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20 thoughts on “Dark Cloudy Night

  1. हा हा..ये तो वही बात हो गई कि "जिसे समझा था मरहला..निकली वो ड्रैकुला" :)(मरहला -मंजिल)

  2. Shudder- in such few lines , with a challenging phrase to incorporate- you wove a beautiful story – that too in poetic way!Way to Go!! All the best for BAT

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