Cooking Justice

People in India pray not to fall prey to hospitals and courts because once you go there your rest of life will be spent in dates given by them. You can come out of clutches of such hospitals by spending lots of money in private hospitals but for courts there is no hope. People spend there whole lifetime in jails for small thefts without being heard in courts. Some died in the course of trial without charges being probed against him/her. Forget about thousands and millions of cases pending in our courts about which we don’t have any idea of there whereabouts but high profile cases like that of Babri Masjid, Mumbai Blasts of 1993, Aarushi Murder case of Ghaziabad,Gujrat Riots,2007 Hyderabad blasts,1984 Sikh riots,Bofors,Bhopal Tragedy and recently Delhi gang rape,etc. 
There are so many other cases of such high value to public which are in courts since always,there is no justice in such cases,either the culprit died a natural death or remain in 5 star arrangements of Tihar Jail or any other jail in India. If  any how justice comes in these cases it was so late that its effect and impact was almost zero in society and on  masterminds of other such crimes. In India justice is cooked before presenting and in this process it’s either remain over cooked or under cooked to be swallowed by the victim/s and others associated with them. These cases are used for political gains and thus remain alive in public domain.
But there is also an other side of it,the positive side where each one gets a fair trial and gets a chance to present his or her side to the court unlike other countries where there is no fair trial and some innocent people also get judgement which they don’t deserve, but there are so many cases in Indian courts that justice tend to be delayed and thus justice delayed is justice denied. There is an urgent need for judicial makeover and this must be among manifestos of political parties for 2014 elections.

11 thoughts on “Cooking Justice

  1. True, our family had court case for 21 years. It was not decided but one party died and nobody from his family wanted to continue and hospitals are the most pathetic place in my opinion.

  2. I agree. Judiciary is stretched to serve the whims and fancies of the politicians. One of the pillars of democracy, it now remains gagged, serving the invisible masters. Nice read.

  3. One positive thing about them is that they are very much united, irrespective of their ideologies or marketing strategies. For example if any thing wrong happen to an actor the the entire bollywood would stand united or if any thing wrong happen to a reporter then the entire media would stand united, irrespective of the competition in business. Similarly if any bureaucrat want to do something good, of course at the cost of other bureaucrats then the entire bureaucracy would stand united against him.Regards,JahidFlashbacks

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