WeChat – A new way to connect.

After downloading WeChat on my android I was excited for group chat,
I was in a fix to decide them and confused about where should I start.

Not God,HE was right in creating this universe,vegetation,animals and humans,
They were among us who bought change either with love or with guns.
There are many with whom I want to converse,
But those five are listed along with what we discuss.

1. Christopher Columbus,
“You mistakenly found America,a new continent,
your  counterparts moved there creating new settlements,
original tribes and places were destroyed & demolished,
there cultures & values were all abolished”

“But I made you aware with a new land,full of minerals,gases,sun and sand,some one’s fate how could I change,you are still small,it’s out of your range”

2.Lord Krishna
” All is planned and written before”, Lord Krishna interrupted,
“One deserves what he through his deeds for oneself selected”

These teachings of his at that time don’t make to me any sense,but he is an incarnation of God why make to him offense.

3.Mahatma Gandhi than said that Krishna is true in his oral,that society succeeds which is based on non-violence and truth’s moral.
“Bapu come in today’s India for which you fought,
forgotten are morals and ideals which once you taught.”

He remain with no words at that time and became quiet,”Yes! it’s need a dictator like me to make things right”
4. Hitler intervene, in his words were conviction and determination,
“No!” I said,”you are not the right person to rebuild this nation.Except your discipline nothing I can take from you,you committed suicide as you lost from your views.
We are courageous,hardworking,peace loving men and women….”
May be I can answer your questions being an Alien.”

5.” I used to live millions of light years away on a planet like yours,with nations having fights,peace,problems and cures.”
“Daily we had fights for region,for money,for land, for power,for religion and many other things.
we created weapons of destruction to kill each other,waited for a reason to use them to be bring.
One day they got a reason to use those weapons when I was out of solar system.
When I returned everything was gone,only ash my planet was become.

“You are lucky to have Wechat, to remain connected in this race of rat. To discuss your love and hate,a new way to connect. With anyone,anywhere you can have a talk,now forget your past and towards a new future let’s walk.Stay connected in this cruel world,spread love to feel free like a bird.

We all were speechless for he was right,we will be no more with all these fight. An  incarnation,an explorer,a humanitarian and some skills of a dictator,all are necessary to create a new world order.Each of us should understand one another,resolve all disputes don’t take them further.

This group chat with WeChat gave me a learning experience,with conversations knowledgeable and serious.

WeChat’s youtube channel 


3 thoughts on “WeChat- A new way to connect.

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