Krishna Come On Earth

Krishna come again on earth,
to teach us what’s Love’s worth.

Play your flute to soothe our souls,
so peace spreads in the world whole.

Lord Krishna is the most loved and famous Hindu God. His devotees spreads not only in India and South Asia but in the whole world. His birthday is celebrated as Janmashtami,the god who taught the value of love and karma have many followers since his existence is known two of the most famous among them are Soordaas and Mira Bai. They devoted their whole life in his devotion and wrote many bhajans( devotional songs) in his praise. On the occasion of Janmashtami, I am sharing one padd (couplet) of each of them. Happy Janmashtami.

1. म्हारो प्रणाम ( My Obeisance) – Meera Bai

म्हारो प्रणाम बांके बिहारी को।            My Obeisance to Banke Bihari( Krishna)                   

मोरमुकुट माथे तिलक बिराजे,            Peacock-feather crown,tilak on forehead,
कुंडल अल्कां कारी को,                         has hanging on ear-hoops hair strands,

अधर मधुर बंसी बजावे,                       Plays flute with his beautiful lips,
रीझ रिझावे राधा प्यारी को,                For Dear Radha’s enticing bliss, 

या छब देख मगन भई मीरा,                Seeing this image,Meera is enchanted,
मोहन गिरिवरधारी को।                      By Mohana – who lifted the mountain.

2. स्याम विरह ( Without Shyam) – Soordas

निसिदिन बरसत नैन हमारे,              Day & night our eyes are shedding tears,

सदा रहत पावस ऋतु हम पर,            Season of rain has dawned on us,    
जब ते स्याम सिधारे।                         since Shyam has left.

अंजन थिर न रहत अंखियन में,         Kohl don’t stay in our eyes for long,
कर कपोल भए कारे।                          blackening hands and cheeks as we wept.

कंचुकि-पट सुखत नहिं कबहुँ,             Our stole and clothes never dries up,
उर बिच बहत पनारे।                          as if in bosom a river we kept.

आँसू सलिल भए पग थाके,                 Tears became water,our feet tremble,
बहे जात सित तारे।                             flowing like white stars being bereft.

‘सूरदास’ अब डूबत है ब्रज,                  Says ‘Soordas’,Braj is drowning(in tears),
काहे न लेत उबारे।                               why not Krishna eases our heft.

4 thoughts on “Krishna Come On Earth

  1. Jin lamho tum chahte ho kisi ko, koi utna hi chata tumko, tum hi ho lete ho Radha aur Krishn. Kaha hai Unhone Gita me, Tum pahle bhi the, aage bhi hoge. Wahi dekhta hu. Kai rup me ye Radha Krishna ki jodi aur un se chalakta pyar, hm ne bhi jana paya hai.

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