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The Mastermind

Inspector Girish: Victor do you have any information?

Victor                :  No! Not yet,I was on a vacation.
                             But what is the case Girish?
Inspector Girish: about murders of Soniya,Ali and Amrish.

Inspector Girish gave all details of the case to Victor,an investigative journalist from magazine The Arbitrator.
Both of them had solved so many cases before,mysteries in their hands get solved for sure.But this case is a little different and unique. When festive season was at peak,someone has killed three people with poison, in sweet and sour sauce and police had clues for none.

Victor: I think he must be a psychopath,but killing without showing any wrath.
           Is there any connection between all these victims?
I . G  : Sweet and sour sauce as suggests investigation at prelims.
          All three victims bought sweet and sour sauce of a particular brand,which is not strange as today it is in full demand. But who poisoned that sauce and how? There is not much in our reports as of now.
Victor: Have you checked other stocks of that sauce in the market.
I . G  : To stop its sale and seize its stock was our first target.
Victor: Do those bottles have poison?
I . G : Yes, there is, in about seven,
          that too in same shop at Mall Road’s corner,
Victor: Have you questioned it’s owner?
           What he has to say?
I . G  : He himself is in dismay?
Victor: That means there is something wrong with employees in his shop.
I . G :   No, we have questioned them,that idea appears totally flop.

They questioned suspects,searched for killer and clues about the murders for days,but in this dark world of crime they found no hope of sun rays.After about a week one more murder was reported in a Chinese eating joint. This restaurant possesses sweet and sour sauce of  the same batch number,now police got a point.

They enquired,”who had delivered this?”, ” A new salesman sir who speaks with a hiss.” This same salesman also delivered in that corner shop,but his first interrogation got a clean chit from a cop.

Victor: Who interrogated him Girish, call him and send your team to arrest that salesman. I think he is the killer he is our man.
I . G : Inspector Kartik questioned him,I suspected his behavior that day, but he is an experienced policeman to question him is out of the way.
Kartik was not in the police station,his mobile phone was also switched off at that time. Two police teams went for arrest, Victor knew they have solved the crime. But someone else is playing the real game,both of them were killed at Kartik’s home in style same.

Again sweet and sour sauce’s poison was behind, the search is still on for that mastermind.

concluding part in coming posts, 

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23 thoughts on “The Mastermind

  1. hmmm… This is the kind of story right up my alley! It seemed interesting but disappointed me because A) It is incomplete; B) Loads of spelling mistakes e.g. “Vocation” instead of “Vacation”; C) Grammatical errors such as “This restaurant possesses sweet and sour sauce of the same batch number,now police got a point”; D) Syntax errors such as no spacing etc.

    Story narration is like a literal translation of Hindi work to English. I will still wait for part 2 🙂

    Read mine at Aashish – Sweet and Sour!!!

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