The Mastermind Part – 2

Read Part 1 here: The Mastermind.

Girish and Victor were again at point zero,it became necessary now to caught that villainous hero.
The checked call details of Kartik and that salesman.
Victor: No clue there also,he is a clever man.
I . G  :  The motive behind these murders is still not clear,while at first site case of serial killing it appear,but so unconnected killings and that too without any pattern…
Victor: I think you have forgotten,
sweet and sour sauce is common to all and he wants a big revenge not small. Let’s fix meeting with Mr. Mittal owner of this sauce brand.
I . G : I hope he will give us some lead in this case so grand.
When they reached Mr. Mittal he was very tense,due to these incidents he had lost his market presence.
Mittal: I am sure inspector all this is my rivals doing.
I . G. : We have checked that angle he is not responsible for killing.
When Girish and Victor was in conversation with Mittal about the crime,knock on the door was heard from a young man in his prime.
Mittal  : What do you want Rajesh? I told you not to disturb.
Rajesh: Sir ss telephone ss is for you,how to creditors ss I curb.

When Rajesh went out,Girish raised some doubts.
Girish : Who was he what he do here?He has a very peculiar stare.
Mittal : He is our taste-tester working here since we have started with sweet and sour sauce.
Victor: Mr. Mittal did he speak with that hiss from birth or there is some other cause.
Mittal : It happened here while tasting the sauce,it’s hotness was behind that loss.
Girish : What was his reaction after that accident.
Mittal : He was all right,he hardly mention that incident.

Soon they came back to the police station.

Victor: Girish now what is your plan of action.
Girish: Victor do you know, Kartik before his death also developed hiss in his voice.
Victor: That’s strange, there must be a reason for that choice.
Girish : May be Mittal was doing it for publicity’s sake.
Victor : Possible,but how can he put his reputation at stake.
Girish : Can Rajesh do these killings?
Victor: He appears innocent without such willing.
Girish : But don’t take him out of the list of suspects.
Victor: True! Discover about him without any respect.
Girish: Something is also wrong with this hiss.
Victor : Search Girish, don’t give it a miss.

Who is the killer? What was his motive? Answers to these questions still comes out to be negative.

concluding part in coming post.


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