Platinum Day Of Love

Platinum Day of love is a day we discover true love which starts and never ends. It takes only a moment to realize the eternal love. That love is like metal platinum which does not fade or tarnish with time,it always stays true. This contest by on has provided a place where I can share my dream of  Platinum Day Of Love. I have weaved that dream in a poem which is also unique for having stanzas in both Hindi and English.
शर्माया-शर्माया मैं था,
    वो भी घबराई-घबराई थी,
मिलकर भी हम न मिले थे,
    ये साथ ,जुदाई सी ही थी। 
Tied in this unknown relation,
        we did care for each other,
But never expressed in hesitation,
       we passed the whole summer. 
सर्दी कि वो एक शाम थी,
        देर से घर मैं लौटा था,
फ़ोन भी न मिल पाया था,
        उसका दिल यूँ डोला था। 
She shouted as I entered,
       hugged me & cried in dismay,
All those distances were ended,
       that was our Love’s platinum day,
उस पल में जो एहसास था,
       वो हमेशा रहना याद था,
आँखों में आँखें खोई थीं,
       हाथों में थामा हाथ था,
Timeless & pure love we discovered,
       much like the metal Platinum,
with it’s love bands we endeavoured,
       to stay true in days to come.

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