We all pray to our respective goods to ask something or to just repent for our mistakes. Does God exists because we err? Does God become our fear? If the answer is yes then there is no need to pray. Read this poem and ask your self a question. Are you from those who repeat mistakes and just say sorry to solace your heart.
Like everyone I also pray,
and ask for forgiveness,
as I often goes astray,
from path of charity and kindness.
So to have the courage to stay,
without any kind of selfishness.

To make mistake is a habit,
of every men and women,
hurt others and to take credit
of someone Else’s deed with fun.
In order to deceptively inherit,
we forget that we are human.

Every time we visit a religious place,
weeps and hope for remission,
by shedding tears and making grim face,
raised hands in compulsion 
of achieving heavenly solace
and to have spiritual elation.

Is it necessary to do a sin?
and then hope for pity and repent.
Repeating your mistake mean,
that your sorry is pretend.
your soul should be clean,
for your prayers to HIM extend 


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