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Silent Must Be Heard

It is very shameful that a country which worship women shows negligible respect to them. Acid attacks, gang rape,domestic violence, female foeticide ,dowry deaths ,etc are still rampant in our country on large school. Government agencies are acting as mere spectators. Moreover our social setup is such that victims get victimized and remain silent but as we know a silence is worth thousand words.

Their silence worth thousand words 
Their silence everyday hurts,
Their silence mocking traditions,
Their silence clearing illusions*.

With this poem I have tried to bring out pain which many girls and women silently suffers : 

1. Aah……..
    She screamed inside.
    Once more he was drunk,trying to be hunk,
    with punch,with hand,with belt and wooden stand.
    In morning, again all bruises she hide.

2. Booh……..
    The cry that never came.
    Modern tools steered, womb was cleared,
    money rolled, doctors bribed, mother never cried. 
    She was again decorated in bright.

3. Oww……..
    Tongue also burned.
    Love of one side, useless false pride,
    can’t see,can’t hear and always in fear.
    If alive, her face she disguised.

4. Aaaah……
    Mouth choked with hands.
    Gang of dirty wolves, feeding on innocent souls,
    torn clothes,raring to die, questioning herself, why?
    Then facing blame’s tide.

Aah,booh,oww,aaaah…..all these silent screams,
washed away zeal,hope desires and dreams.
Give wings to these flightless birds,
Their silence must be heard.
*illusion that India is a great country.

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18 thoughts on “Silent Must Be Heard

  1. There is a different kind of experience reading your poems. So much insightful and close to the reality. I appreciate the way conveyed this 'must heard silence' in such a brilliant way.

    Wish you all the best Cifar
    Keep lightening the society with such great piece of writings.

  2. Strong words…the sound effects created more scary impact. In the theme like Silence, use of sounds was brilliant. The last line on India, hits too hard. Bravo for the efforts u put in – the develop this post.Hats off to u.

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