Eid Wish

World is full of problems,hatred,violence,poverty,etc. In the time of celebration during festivals or other such occasion only selected few are fortunate enough to cherish them. In this holy month of Ramadan when Allah grant every valid wish. I pray for each and every one on earth through this poem.
Raising my hands I only wish,
Feast of eid everyone would relish,
Happiness would fill each heart,
All problems in world would vanish.

The sweetness of sweets
becomes such a treat,
that unity prevail everywhere,
Hatred from our lives would retreat.

The crescent eid moon,
would bring such a boon,
None would sleep hungry,
Poverty would remove soon,

Once such a festival would come,
which wouldn’t for selected some,
Each one would equally enjoy, 
pray,share and together welcome.

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