Feel The Freedom

Happy Independence Day. On 15th August 1947 we got from Britishers again to be slave of many injustices, practices and dirty politics. We are free from any foreign rule but due to these obligations of   society,religion,culture,tradition,relations,etc we are unable to feel our freedom. On this 67th year of Independence let’s Feel The Freedom with this bilingual poem.

Feel the freedom, let’s say मैं आज़ाद हूँ,
सारी दिशाओं से, सबकी आशाओं से,
I am free to say that I am in love,
I should definitely get what I deserve,
मैं आज़ाद हूँ, Yes I am free,free,free

Independence from binding religion,
Independence from worthless obligation,
आज़ादी जाती-पाती के बंधन से ,
आज़ादी ऊँच-नीच की अनबन से,
आज़ादी खुल्के न उड़ने से,
आज़ादी बुराई से न लड़ने से,
Feel the freedom from archaic notions,
From old male superirity portion,
From being alien in own country,
From dominance of बाबू, मंत्री,संत्री। 
मेरी मर्ज़ी में मेरा रहना,खाना हो,
देश में फैसले जो हों, I should know,
भूख,गरीबी,लाचारी से, We should be free,
भय,भ्रष्टाचार,भेदभाव से, We should be free,
नस्लवाद, आतंकवाद से, We should be free,
दंगे,हत्या,बलात्कार से, We should be free,

Feel the freedom, हमारे हाथों में ही है,
Feel the freedom, हमारे साथों में ही है,
Feel the freedom, नहीं है तो हम ही लाएंगे,
Feel the freedom, सबको एहसास कराएंगे,  
We the people of India have the power to change,
To demolish, draw,develop and to manage and rearrange.

2 thoughts on “Feel The Freedom

  1. Happy Independence Day, Cifar. We shall be freedom from conservative mindsets, corruption and religion cum caste based differences. Let's all believe in One Nation, the power of India.

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