रहिये अब ऐसी जगह।  ( Stay At Such A Place ) – Mirza Ghalib

‘Stay at such a place’ is a three couplet Ghazal by Mirza Ghalib. It’s a sad poem (ghazal) written while leaving his home due to non-payment of dues in his early days. He was feeling lonely,deserted and wants to go away from everything and everybody. He is expressing a tramp like feeling. The last sher ( couplet ) is added by me which is also conveying same feelings. I have tried to translate it here:
रहिये अब ऐसी जगह चलकर जहाँ कोई न हो,
हम-सुखन कोई न हो और हम-ज़ुबां कोई न हो। 
Rahiye ab aisi jagah chalkar jahan koi na ho,
Hum-sukhan koi na ho aur hum-zubaan koi na ho.

Go and stay at such a place where there is no one else,
Where no one knows our language and what we tells.
बे-दर-ओ-दिवार सा एक घर बनाया चाहिए,
कोई हमसाया न हो और पासबां कोई न हो। 
Be-dar-o-diwaar sa ek ghar banaya chahiye,
Koi humsaya na ho aur paasban koi na ho.
A house should be built without doors and walls,
Where there is no partner and not any defender at all.
पड़िये ग़र बीमार तो कोई न हो तीमारदार,
और ग़र मर जाएँ तो नोहाकवां कोई न हो। 
Padiye gar bimaar to koi na ho timaardaar,
Aur gar mar jaayein to nohakawan koi na ho.

Where there is no one to care if ever falls ill,
and no one to mourn when become still (dead).
हश्र का मेरे जब कभी हो किस्सा बयां,
ज़ेरो-ज़बर कोई न हो और सबर (सब्र) कोई न हो। – सिफ़र 
Hasr ka mere jab kabhi ho kissa bayan,
Zairo-zabar koi na ho aur sabar (sabr) koi na ho.

If ever someone recite story of my final condition,
There should be no correction, nor any patience.
Here is the video of this song from the movie : Mirza Ghalib sung by Suraiya.

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