वह प्रेम है ! (Waih Prem Hai ) – Makhanlal Chaturvedi

I was searching and trying to remember this poem I have read in school in class VIII or IX as its first two lines always resonates in my mind and I know that these lines were said for love. Recently when I knew that it was written by eminent Hindi poet, Makhanlal Chaturvedi I found it. This poem regards love as a source of energy which exists everywhere and in all of us. In a way it is presenting love as god who gives us strength, consoles our souls and cures our pains. I have translate it to spread this universal message to more people.
है कौन सा वह तत्व जो सारे भुवन में व्याप्त है ?
ब्रह्मांड पूरा भी नहीं जिसके लिए पर्याप्त है ?
है कौन सी वो शक्ति , क्यों जी! कौन सा वह भेद है ?
बस ध्यान ही जिसका मिटाता आपका सब शोक है। 
बिछड़े हुओं का हृदय कैसे एक रहता है अहो!
वे कौन से आधार के बल कष्ट सहते हैं कहो ?
क्या क्लेश ? कैसा दुःख ? सबको धैर्ये से वे सह रहे,
है डूबने का भय न कुछ आनंद में वे बह रहे। 
वह प्रेम है, वह प्रेम है,वह प्रेम है, वह प्रेम है… 
Hai Kaun sa wah tatva, jo saare bhuvan mein vyapt hai, 
Brahmand poora bhi nahin jiske liye paryapt hai? 
Hai kaun si wo shakti, kyun ji ! Kaun sa wah bhed hai? 
Bas dhyan hi jiska mitaata aapka sab shok hai. 
Bichhude huon ka hriday kaise ek rahta hai, aho! 
Ve kaun se aadhar ke bal kasht sahte hain, kaho? 
Kya klesh? Kaisa dukh? Sabko dhairya se ve sah rahe, 
Hai doobne ka bhaya na kuchh, aanand mein ve bah rahe. 
Wah prem hai, wah prem hai wah prem hai wah prem hai…

Which element in the whole world is prevalent?
Even the whole universe for which is not sufficient ?
Tell me ! Which is that power? What’s that secret ?
Attention on what erases all your regret ?
Hey! How hearts of those separated remains dear ?
Say! On strength of which base sufferings they bear?
What trouble? What sorrow? Everything patiently they sustaining ?
Without fearing from drowning in happiness they are flowing.
That’s Love, That’s Love, That’s Love, That’s Love…

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