See The Sea

Just turn towards the sea,feel the cold breeze,
you will remember me and your thoughts will seize,
Our walk along the beach,
the love you used to teach,
Foot marks on the sand,
which fade before we bend,
Like moths around a light bulb,
pain have surrounded you in bulk,
For love with death they strife,
for love I wish you new life,
Smile when you see the sea,
your tears are not dear to me,
Forgive the tides which took me away,
and come out from sorrows and dismay.
So contented my soul will feel if from the sky I see
you happy forgetting me as you see the sea.


22 thoughts on “See The Sea

  1. This poem has a sadness about it really, as I feel that the person who is expressing these words is writing them to someone who has been left behind & hoping that they will again find happiness.

  2. I immediately read this a the voice of someone who had died and wants his or her beloved to forget and go on to find happiness. A sad poem. Thank you for linking this!

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