गुलों में रंग भरे ! (Let Flowers Filled With Colors!) – Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Faiz Ahmad ‘Faiz’ was a revolutionary poet and often went to jail for his views. He wrote this ghazal(poem) while in the central jail of Hyderabad, Sind (Pakistan). The ghazal depicts his loneliness there and his wish to unite with the beloved. Here beloved signifies his movement against the authorities. As this ghazal also transport you into some serene valley , the parts of this ghazal are adapted by Gulzar for the upcoming movie Haider( release date is 2nd Oct.2014) which was based in Kashmir.
गुलों में रंग भरे बाद-ए-नौबहार चले,
चले भी आओ के गुलशन का कारोबार चले। 
Gulon mein rang bhare, baad -e-naubahaar chale,
Chale bhi aao ke gulshan ka karobaar chale.

Let flowers filled with colors and early spring breeze blow on,
Come so that daily affairs of the garden can go on .
क़फ़स उदास है यारो सबा से कुछ तो कहो,
कहीं तो बहर-ए-ख़ुदा आज ज़िक्र-ऐ-यार चले। 
Qafas udaas hai yaron saba se kuch to kaho,
Kahin to bahr-e-khuda aaj ziqr-e-yaar chale.

The cage is sad, friends, say something to the breeze,
Somewhere for god’s sake discussions of beloved should go on.
कभी तो सुबह तेरे कुंज-ऐ-लब से हो आगाज़,
कभी तो शब सर-ऐ-काकुल से मुश्क़-ऐ-बार चले।  
Kabhi to subha tere kunj-e-lab se ho aagaaz,
Kabhi to shab sar-e-kakul se mushq-e-baar chale.

For once let the morning start from the corner of your lips, ( denotes morning kiss)
For once with musky smell of your tresses night will go on.
बड़ा है दर्द का रिश्ता , ये दिल गरीब सही,
तुम्हारे नाम पे आएंगे ग़मगुसार चले।
Bada hai dard ka rishta, ye dil gareeb sahi,
Tumhare naam pe aayenge ghamgusaar chale.

Bond of pain is strong, though the heart is poor,
On you name, all pain sharer will come on.
जो हम पे गुज़री सो गुज़री मगर शब-ऐ-हिज्राँ ,
हमारे अश्क़ तेरी आक़बत सवार चले। 
Jo hum pe guzri so guzri magar shab-e-hijran,
Hamare ashq teri aaqbat sawaar chale.
What has happened to me, has happened but on the night of separation,
my tears adorned your future while moving on.

हुज़ूर-ऐ-यार हुई दफ़्तर-ऐ-जुनूँ की तलब,
गिरह में लेके गिरेबां का तार-तार चले। 
Hazuur-e-yaar hue daftar-e-junoon ki talab,
Girhein mein leke giraiban ka taar-taar chale.

The beloved has summoned me to her court with my documents of infatuation,
I take tied in a knot, my collars tattered and torn.

मक़ाम ‘फैज़’ कोई राह में जचा ही नहीं,
जो कू-ऐ-यार से निकले तो सू-ऐ-दार चले। 
Makaam ‘Faiz’ koi raah mein jacha hi nahin,
Jo ku-e-yaar se nikle to su-e-daar chale.
No place attracted ‘ Faiz’ en route,
Leaving beloved’s lane towards gallows he has gone.

For better understanding of this ghazal please visit here

Below is the video of the song from Haider sung by Arijit Singh and music composed by Vishal Bhardwaj.


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