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They say that couples are made in heaven. But they forget that they are united in this world only if circumstances favors them. True soulmates are either those who come victorious from the test of time or those who succumbs to it. This poem is a story of one such couple.
“Your love makes my life complete
In next life ,this cycle I want to repeat.
It feels good….satisfying and great.
that you are my soulmate. “

Every time he read her these words, all his wounds were stirred. He always thought why that girl his wife with whom he promised to spend his life betrayed his trust and earned his disgust.
“When I walked down memory lane,
We were happy.I didn’t see any pain,
Our love was above loss and gain,
but to our relation you only gave disdain.”

Almost five years have passed to their divorce but still to remember her was his daily course. Telephone ring brought him out of trance, ” Come soon! Meet her! Perhaps you don’t get another chance.” His father called him for his mother’s critical condition her last wish was to meet him for some confession. He packed his bags and took the next flight, she would sure to recover if he would be near her sight. 
“Aarav! Apple of my eye,
I know I am going to die.
But there is a burden on my soul,
restricting my spirit’s free stroll.

Rosy was not guilty as you thought,
I framed her. It was my plot.
I was responsible for your cry,
forgive me my son.” She sigh.
“Forgive you? I didn’t listen her clarification. Forgive you? You charged her for illicit relation. Forgive you? You ruined my life. Forgive you? You killed me without a knife.” He ran madly out of the room to find Rosy whom he left in gloom. He abused her and cursed her for bad luck. ” I hope with misfortunes you always stuck.” She said nothing and went away. She was alone but never came in his way. 
He searched where she worked,he searched where she stayed. “She died that day you were divorced,” someone told him the place she was laid. She couldn’t bear the hatred of one she loved so much, the one who put her life in the cruel world’s clutch. 
He silently sat near her grave,
Regretted for what to her he gave,
” I am guilty, wake up and punish,
my grief only your forgiveness can finish.”

His guilt stopped his heart rate,
Separated in togetherness was their fate,
Wrote their names in list of Love’s greats,
In another world they truly would be soulmates.

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24 thoughts on “Soulmates

  1. So far whatever entries I have read. I liked your's the most. 🙂
    It kind of got me into it!
    I loved your poetry in between…as well.
    All the best for BAT50. 🙂


  2. Cifar Shayar,

    This is a harsh reality of so many couples. Families have left no stone unturned to ensure that the lovers part ways irrespective of the fact that they are married to each other. That is when the couple should stand up for each other and not believe the world blindly. Tragic story but beautifully written.

    All the best for BAT!


  3. I hope I word it right… When you marry a certain someone… You're promising them your trust loyalty and your word to keep them safe… Not to make them your maid, a substitute for your mother or just a woman to bare your child… You marry her so that your walk to your grave, as time advances wouldn't seem so lonely…

    Nice story… The stanzas in between ur paragraphs were a tad bit off putting… Your narration was great though…

  4. Alas! they couldn't reunite in this word, but often this is what happens. I liked the simple story, but what I really liked was the way you wrote it, in a lovely rhyme.
    Great! 😀
    all the best.

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