उड़ जाएगा हंस अकेला। (Udd Jayega Hans Akela) – Sant Kabir 

Recently I heard a song from Hawaizada ( Ayushmaan Khuran & Mithoon Chakrobarty staring Hindi Movie) Udd Jayega Hans Akela and found that it is inspired by this spiritual poem of Sant Kabir. In this verse he has compared Swan to human soul which will fly to its ultimate destination one day leaving all the worldly pleasure. He says that one has no control over this flight by comparing it to the non-directional flight of a falling leaf in the wind. To understand this poem more you can visit : Message of Udd Jayega Hans Akela 
उड़ जाएगा हंस अकेला,जग दर्शन का मेला,
जैसे पात गिरे तरुवर से,मिलना बहुत दुहेला,
ना जाने किधर गिरेगा,लगाए पवन का रेला,
जब होवे उम्र पूरी,जब छूटेगा हुकुम हुज़ूरी,
जमके दूत बड़े मज़बूत, जम से पड़ा झमेला, 
दास कबीर हर के गुण गावे,वा हर को पारण पावे,
गुरु की करनी गुरु जाएगा, चेले की करनी चेला।
Ud Jayega Huns Akela, Jug Darshan Ka Mela,
Jaise Paat Gire Taruvar Se, Milna Bahut Duhela 
Naa Jane Kidhar Girega, Lageya Pawan Ka Rela 
Jub Howe Umur Puri, Jab Chute Ga Hukum Huzuri
Jum Ke Doot Bade Mazboot, Jum Se Pada Jhamela 
Das Kabir Har Ke Gun Gawe, Wah Har Ko Paran Pawe 
Guru Ki Karni Guru Jayega, Chele Ki Karni Chela. 

The Swan will fly alone, the world is mere a spectacle known,
As the leaves fall from tree, Is difficult to find with strain ,
Who knows where it will fall, with wind when its blown,
When life will be complete, then following orders will be over,
Yama’s* messengers are very strong, entangled in Yama‘s zone,
Servant Kabir sings praises of God, he finds the god soon,
Master will get his doings, disciple’s doings will be accordingly shown.
*Yama is Yamaraj a Hindu god who took away souls. 

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