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Forever Magician

Mothers shower their unconditional love forever in our lives. Nothing is comparable to things a mother does for her child to grow and live a happy life. We complain when someone asked us to work for an hour more or to work on holidays but she relentlessly manage everything in our homes without asking anything in return. We are forever indebted to her for giving us this beautiful life. A poem dedicated to all mothers. Happy Mother’s Day.
You are a forever magician
If not
then how you manage monthly expenses in half the budget?
How you perform multi-task with hardly any gadget?
If not a forever magician,
then why relaxing in your lap removes all tensions?
Why caressing by your hand gives life elation?
How hiding your pain you shower affection?
How other’s need comes before self satisfaction?
It is not possible for a commoner,
to love when someone misbehave,
to cook when your body ache,
to defend when children’s safety is at stake,
to protect when problems attack.
Even God needs help of the angels to manage,
You appears to me above his lineage. 
From nurturing us in your womb a magic begins,
remains forever helping us in each step to win.
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8 thoughts on “Forever Magician

  1. It is so true… Mother's are the magicians and how amazing it is that its something innate to them. 🙂

    Congratulations on being featured in the Top 16 poetry blogs in India.

    Visiting you via Blog-a-ton

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