He Is Coming To The Town

It is the jingle time of the year , the time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. The children of the world hope for Santa Claus to come to their houses on Christmas eve. Here is the poem of his coming in the town for jolly wishes. May the coming year brings happiness and peace to the world.Merry Christmas. 
The fat man in red and white suit,
with thoughtful bearded look and a smile very cute, 
fervent to spread happiness among children
ardent to bring togetherness and fun, 
He is coming to the town.
His brilliant reindeer dragging flying sleigh,
working hard to deliver all gifts of glee,
making birthday of Christ the redeemer special,
traversing rivers,mountains,volcanoes in his journey incredible 
He is coming to the town.
Clean your chimneys, stitch your socks,
sweets for good, for bad coal rocks,
with accounts of deeds to show,
jumping,dancing,singing, saying ho ho ho!
He is coming to the town.
This poem is linked to Three Word Wednesday #407 (fervent,brilliant,thoughtful) and Five Sentence Fiction (theme jolly ) Theme Thursday (togetherness)

14 thoughts on “He Is Coming To The Town

  1. I love this Cifar…the joy in the last verse is infectious…of course we should welcome all those that come to our door…but I understand who we should really be glad arrived 🙂

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